Salesforce CRM and integration
Salesforce Cloud
Sales cloud permit you to build business resilience and create growth. This is the world's number one trusted sales solution. First, as a business leader, you can quickly get inside your business, so you know where to focus your efforts and make decisions based on marketing changes. You can visualize and redistribute your customer territories, shifting your sales coverage to meet changing market demand. Then quickly update the sales processes to adapt to change with drag-and-drop tools and scale vendors instantly. So your sales department develops new skills based on proven best practices, allowing your team to work more efficiently from anywhere. Also, sales reap can manage deals from a single workspace and track every customer interaction from the Customer 360 sources AI-powered Salesforce integration to increase the sales team's effectiveness and guide deals forward. Configuring the deal means meeting every customer need with flexible pricing, terms, and payment methods. Lastly, scale your business through partners, bringing them up to speed faster, so they can start to close deals just as quickly.

Salesforce features and tools
Salesforce allows you to adapt to changes quickly and delivered the trusted support from anywhere. First, scale your support by providing customers with self-service options. This function resolves simple issues with access to the guided process. And find answers to frequently asked questions. Then customers can start a conversation with intelligent chatbots. This option answers their question and hands them off to an agent or even takes actions like making account updates to resolve the issue immediately. These features free up your agents to focus on more complex support, like calls about billing issues with each case pushed directly to the right agent using AI integration and your routing rules from any channel. And all features are inside the single workspace with cloud telephony naively integrated, so agent delivery trusted support from home or the office. Customer 360 also unifies data across departments and integrated systems to complete the customer view for everything. Quick access to knowledge articles keeps the agent's up-to-date well built-in AI recommends the right article or the best following action, either help the agent or share with the customer. The agents also have access to automation tools like macros or step-by-step processes like issue refund to resolve problems faster.
Meanwhile, supervisors can coach their teams everywhere with real-time conversation monitoring and actionable analytics when they need support in the field, like roadside assistance. Your field service team is equipped with an intelligent dispatch console, prioritizing essential jobs first, matching them with the right resource, and synchronize them with an intuitive mobile app. Here all the customer information and processes needed to complete the job safely and efficiently.
Finally, respond to business needs with agility using necessary tools to accomplish any task. Salesforce Cloud is responsible for automating service procedures and enables customers to interact with sales reps through different channels. Salesforce tool can directly attract new clients through the separate integrated channel and stay in touch with their consumers. With Salesforce CRM tools, any company can find a suitable approach to their new and current customers, maintain a large client base, and optimize revenue by covering their requirements in real-time.

Salesforce Service Cloud has a wide variety of features, and there are three main characteristics which are mainly used:
• Agent dashboard- create innovative interaction channel and artificial intelligence Salesforce (AI) integration support.
• Case management — save customer conversation in a historical timeline.
• Service Analytics and Reporting — provide comprehensive performance analytics.
Salesforce Cloud service presents three support plans such as standard, premium, and premium plus.

Things to Consider Before a Salesforce Integration Project
Integrating Salesforce with another software system brings many excellent advantages to improve outcome results with automation to exclude data duplication. All company members used one platform where all essential features were organized in one interface to the software and log into one program to do their works. As we witnessed, Salesforce integration possesses plenty of positive aspects for our business, but there are some aspects of service that you should take into your consideration before integrating. Few factors should consider before integration with other services:

• Be informed when to convey data to Salesforce.
• Comprehend the integrated software features and how to apply them to your enterprise.
• Based upon the size of the industry, choose appropriate integration software for your business.
• Make sure about the certification of the system.
• Be conscious of configuration options.
• Reconsidering of API restrictions
• Review Apex design
These are standard services, but offered services are different depending on your business intentions.

Salesforce integration project to Failures
When companies transmit their accurate info to the Salesforce software, only after then, the collected data can successfully be rendering. However, several slips are related to the provided data integration that you have to keep away from :
• Launching work with no new scope
• Distributing incorrect data
• Overcome API limits
• The failure of the document recording process
• Neglecting information rate limits
• Misunderstanding online integration
• Implementation of inaccurate system architecture.
Priorities of adopting Salesforce Integration
Integrating Salesforce with diverse software brings many profits:

• One united access system presents a chance to gathers all company members together and allocates their tasks.
• Collect info from a single knowledge source for successful management
• Without any coding, automate the working process
• Have limitless entrance to data from integrated systems.
Integration boosts a company's productive capacity and assists bridge the gap between an end client and the company.
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