CUSTOM WEB DEVELOPMENT: Flexibility, functionality, affordability, and ease.

Since the pandemic, many enterprises have shifted to online, and online business owners even more developed their websites to conduct their businesses; from that moment, the importance of software building companies dramatically increased. Website owners require to have a single platform where one-size-fits-all demands. To make e-commerce websites or applications, business leaders should reach out to the right web developing company with skilled engineers who have experience developing OpenCard e-commerce websites. OpenCard software company provides a unique e-commerce software that utilizes PHP in the developing stages and possesses the General Public License. OpenCard offers its free version for start-ups to save up budget, energy, and time to generate their online appearance.

Among e-commerce website developer companies, OpenCard is the best software development company because its interface serves as a robust digital manager and, from the start, provides your perspectives on evaluation deals, clients, and much more. Plus, the interface of OpenCard is regarded as an exclusive interface where users could get access to other different online shops and purchase suitable items through one e-commerce platform. Apart from that, the intelligent platform of OpenCard adaptable and extendable for this reason, many e-commerce website owners come over to OpenCard web development and highly recommend us as the best software development company.

When e-commerce websites are developed with OpenCard, the website sets are adjustable, which might be helpful to organize your products in the proper order. And the website of your brand can reach its international consumers; thus, you expand the client base and sales, respectively.

At some point, software companies where OpenCard uses as a primary web developer to build e-commerce websites proves their beneficial impact on their users because they fulfill customers' needs with the software results, and enterprise see profits. Finding the right software developing agency with tech expertise makes your website generating way much shorter and faster. These software companies take every client's wishes and request under consideration and professionally accomplished them. A group of technical specialists developed and designed your software product and, after the testing stage, the digital product is ready to operate.

Custom E-commerce development

Custom e-commerce development is based on a target audience request and designing a particular e-commerce solution to meet their business demands. Business leaders can achieve their business objectives and satisfy their customers' requirements if their website plans are powered by essential functions like artificial intelligence, voice recognition, argument reality, headless e-commerce approach, and Internet of Things. These presented features are founded to smooth the buying procedure for clients, and manageable control panels accelerate the selling process as much as possible.

Types of e-commerce solutions

E-commerce is an intensely competitive and dynamic ecosystem where the only strong business exists and succeeds. To conduct a prosperous business, you need to find out your niche, understand customers better, provide personalized services, identify sales trends, grade leads, and the crucial part is to get feedback from your customers. E-commerce websites are ideally converting your online enterprise and make your brand accessible to your clients. At some point, e-commerce is the relationship between business producers and consumers, and the more effective will be the negotiation process, the more benefits will gain both sides equally. To understand this business manner in-depth, we should be aware of the types of e-commerce such as business to client (B2C), business to business (B2B), and marketplace.

The more commonly known online business is B2C. This e-commerce type allows people to buy products by using websites. It is an online shopping method.

These days (B2B) type e-commerce is popular, so it is a business that offers its service or digital products to other businesses to presenting guidance to level up its enterprise.

The marketplace is the platform where vendors get together to trade products and co-operations to clients. The role of the marketplace owner is to combine the right vendors with the right consumers to drive the sales process via the multi-vendors platform.

E-commerce enterprise solutions have covered all client's objectives.

OpenCard e-commerce presents adjustable multi-functional panels that efficiently collaborate with other platforms to match the client's demands.

E-commerce enterprise solution fits universal commerce standards. If you follow the high international e-commerce standard, it completely transforms your business to the next level. Global trade standards broaden your business horizons and attract profitable deals, partners, and customers. The marketplace is full of many different e-commerce software platforms ready to build a new website from scratches, such as OpenCard, WooCommerce, Shopper, and PrestaShop.

OpenCrad e-commerce fulfillment solution passes through several stages to keep in touch with the buyers who order online.OpenCard open source e-commerce company geared its work fast, and users from other foreign nations could order without any problems. OpenCrad e-commerce fulfillment is series of action which runs before the orders are sent to the right customers. Right after purchasing an online product, this item passes several stages, starting from selecting, packaging, and transporting.


In case you have e-commerce based OpenCard websites, you, without trouble, can build a mobile application. OpenCrad mobile app development is an e-commerce shopping solution as of today's fast-moving digital world, customers willing to do most of their daily tasks on the go. The mobile version of OpenCard is downloadable and installable from app stores, and all essential features and functionalities are included in the mobile version. OpenCard API integration brings more benefits to your customers by integrating with artificial intelligence, payment gateways, software CRM, transportation API integration, chatbox collaboration, and other valuable integrations combination make the usage time smooth.

OpenCard has the migrate option to select and switch others to e-commerce platforms; this changes the interface's design or creates customizable e-commerce solutions.

Our OpenCart Development Services

OpenCart development services that comprise numerous gateways, extensions, multiple templates, and order commands.

OpenCart development services

  • OpenCard store design
  • OpenCard modules and extensions
  • Migration to OpenCard
  • Responsive OpenCard design
  • 3rd party integration
  • OpenCrad CMS development
  • Theme design and integration
  • OpenCard SEO solutions
Stages of Development

E-commerce software development constantly follows the current trends and provide excellent shopping practice to your buyers. E-commerce websites maximize customer services such as multi-language and multi-currency support, collaboration with other platforms, flexible settings, and SEO-prepared ready solutions.

E-commerce application development procedures pass through three phases

  • Planning and Launching
  • Growth and Optimization
  • Migration
Tech specialists with designers accompany the planning and launching process. They decide how to organize business workflow stages, analyze another enterprise, use professionally design instruments like UX and UI, and developed wen and mobile applications.

Growth and Optimization for those businesses struggling to work with clients or willing to change the range of scalability, in short, do some upgraded stuff to their existing e-commerce websites.

Migration is an e-commerce solution for businesses with an unclear business vision and cannot identify the obstacle holding their business back to achieve success.

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