About Us
Our specialists are well-educated and experienced in different programming languages. Our software company produces developed and designed software with supportive care. We operate with all mainstream technology stacks and adapt your product to satisfy your customers' demand and markets request. Engineers are constantly passionate about learning updated technology features, and we stimulate them to do so. With our skilled tech expertise, any tech product could develop despite its complexity, even created beyond our partner's expectations. Our company innovates cutting-edge technologies in a fast-growing industry. As a top technology product development company, we implement software solutions by generating websites, programs, and applications.

Web Solutions

Bitrix24 is an innovative web resolution that achieves your business target and releases the optimal web project with unique features. Our company's traditional program, Bitrix24 distributed over a corporate intranet or the Internet and accessible through a standard web browser. This program might be used without any installation on computers and smartphones. New features are regularly updated according to users' requirements, and for all users, an updated version also available.Bitrix24 easily integrates with mobile versions.

eCommerce Solutions

Our outstanding software product Bitrix24 is specially developed to conduct electronic business—our company offering assistance to our partners to build eCommerce sites or platforms. The purpose of our company is to show support to other enterprises operate and grow—we innovative software development company forming strategies to target both B2C and B2B with their products and services. Our software products included business-to-consumer style (B2C), taking each customer's needs and desires into deep consideration, and identifying customers' initial interests drive selling out process relatively easy.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Project quality control is a necessary and vital stage in our company, so we are fully responsible for our product's quality. Our technology product development company setting up adequate processes and complies with international quality standards to prevent errors and flaws in the product. As far as our software developers complete the project, this work passes through 26 mandatory tests,40 optional tests, and 12 automatic checks. Our software company provides project quality control to ensure the high quality of our product before its delivery to the client.

Mobile Solutions

Unite your teamwork with our free Bitrix24 mobile app. The Mobile version puts together your teammates with work-related information and tasks. Using mobile apps, you could accomplish your job much faster at any time and in any place. The Mobile version responsible for duties, online chats, video calls, CRM, virtual memory, and all features properly pack up in the app version.

A dedicated group of engineers

Our gifted software developing engineers get into clients' minds comprehending the necessary aspects of the project and provide innovative prospects for all-sized enterprises—our software generates engineers capable of problem-solving skills. Our IT specialists can produce any software product with the latest trend. The well-experienced dedicated crew is ready to listen to partners' requirements and offer their ideas or suggestions to make your project exceed current expectations. Working with our software development services saves your time and energy because all organizational project stages are well-developed. Our dedicated software development team's working style is quite different from other companies. They look for obstacles as a new opportunity to learn new stuff and know how to tackle the existing problems immediately.

Our Working Process

Our innovative software development company is actively working on automating business processes for various business builders. We have enough practice in the automation process of inner circles of document processing for manufacturing companies, commercial firms, educational institutions. The business conducting method is wholly transformed, and our Bitrix24 products put much effort to reduce document processing, employee ineffective-time instead of that this optimizes workflow smoothly. Bitrix24 is a collaboration and communication platform with a large variety of tools. This platform is available either cloud service or installed software. The workflow module, among other Bitrix24 modules, is a prominent part because it draws information from and delivers information to large numbers of the features in Bitrix24. Workflow module sends messages via mobile app, email, web messengers. Also, this module sets tasks, calendars events, and approves notifications, documents. The workflow features could run announcements and organize campaigns in CRM. Initial action gears at the workflow in the activity stream to create new deals or manage the working processes.

All business processes are available in the activity stream, and this is where users leave requests, purchase requests, expense reports, and other custom processes. CRM in Bitrix24 service for storing all information from sales, customers. CRM and automation processes are formed to attract customers from different media platforms and professionally respond to their questions and provide the needed support to move the prospect effectively.

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